10 Tips for Wearing Printed or Patterned Shorts

4:16:00 PM

Printed and patterned shorts are simply fun.  I've seen many of my coworkers at Zappos.com/6pm.com totally rock the look, but here in Vegas I've also seen some definite trainwrecks.  Here are ten tips for wearing printed and patterned shorts.

1. Avoid thin cotton-- they will look like Walmart pajama shorts.

2. Avoid drawstring or elastic waistbands-- again with the pajama shorts.

3. Carefully select a pattern-- avoid anything that resembles curtains, bed sheets, or nurse's scrubs.

4. Lose the pockets.  When patterned shorts have pockets the additional seams break the pattern. This leads to a messy patch-work-quilt look.  The fewer the pockets, the better.

5. No cuffs at the hemline.  Again, this chops up the pattern and looks messy.  Go for a straight hemline.

6. Still unsure about this trend?  Choose a more understated black/white pattern or a less exotic pattern such as stripes or polka dots. No one said you NEED to wear rainbow-studded-tribal print.

The fewer accessories the better.  Again, let the shorts take center stage.  Don't create visual competition with leopard print wedges, 5,000 bangles on each arm, and a floral scarf.  We want "fashionista" not "walking-thrift-store."

8. Forget about tights.  Some women have gotten used to wearing black or colorful tights under their shorts to get more coverage.  Patterned and printed shorts can look obnoxious with tights underneath.  Simply the rest of your look.

9. Patterned/printed shorts are more day-appopriate, so how do you wear them at night?  Go for more saturated colors, black/white, or a richer fabric like leather or silk. 

10. Baggy = big.  If something is too big on you, you'll look bigger, especially if it has a pattern on it.  If your printed shorts are too baggy around your leg, they can easily look like they're a super short skirt, not a pair of shorts.  This look is definitely head-turning, but not for the right reasons.

Good luck and have fun!



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