June: New Month, New Things to Look Forward To

4:48:00 PM

It's a new month!  It's a new opportunity to start fresh, to create new goals, new habits, and have new adventures.  June happens to be one of my favorite months.  The excitement of summer is fresh and alive.  Unpacking your summer clothes has given you a faux"new wardrobe." And how can you not be happy when you're sunkissed!!?  I'm excited for my first June in Vegas.  I can't believe I've been here nearly 1 year now (come July).  This month here are few things I'm looking forward to:
1. Eating fresh watermelon and strawberries by our newly renovated pool.
2. Shopping for jelly shoes. 
3. Giving my new car its first car wash.
4. Exploring the Chinatown of Las Vegas, if I can even find it.
5. Boating on Lake Mead.
6. Seeing the cast of Duck Dynasty when they speak at our church in Henderson (Central Christian Church).
7. Working at Zappos.com/6pm.com every day.
8. Doing a Zappos & Keen sponsored volunteer day at Mt Charleston.
9. Finishing decor-details on my place.
10. Packing for a good ol' Minnesota 4th of July!


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