Hair Inspiration: The "LOB" aka The Long Bob

10:36:00 AM

I always wanted long mermaid hair.  It took me years to get the length, and I enjoyed it, but I think I'm ready for a little switcharoo.  I had super long hair while I was at Zappos in Las Vegas, and last spring I added some blonde ombre/balayage to it. The color was so fun, but it left my hair a little dry. The whole thing represents my Vegas chapter quite well.  Who knew hair could be such an accurate metaphor!?   Now that I'm at Zulily in Seattle, I'm feeling inspired for something new, something healthy, something more mature.  The metaphor continues!  I will be back in Minnesota this week and have an appointment with my most trusted, favorite hair stylist, Shayla, at Rocco Altobelli in Minnetonka, and I think it's time to pull the trigger. Hey, it always grows back.  Here's my inspo!  

I really like how it looks on Jessica Alba, Lily Collins, Kate Beckinsale, and Oliva Palermo.  Pictures to come this week!

Merry Christmas!

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