Top 10 Most-Rewarding Joys of Having a Dog

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Bentley's first night in Seattle!
Internet, meet Bentley.  Bentley is my new 4 month old Miniature Goldendoodle.   For the past few years I have been wanting a dog, but I kept making excuses.... I work too much.  I don't have time train it.  It would limit my social life. It would be too hard living alone.  When I decided to move from Las Vegas to Seattle I told myself that I was going to pull the trigger and do it, no matter what.  I specifically looked for apartments with secure "dog runs" on the roof and hardwood floors (versus carpet).  I researched local veterinarians. I stocked up on dog treats and grooming supplies.  And finally, one month after settling in, I got my Bentley.  My mom drove to pick him up from the breeder in Iowa, and she shipped him to me via air cargo.  Thanks, mamacita. My bundle of joy arrived on October 31st, and he has added so much to my quality of life in ways I never expected.

1.  I have become less self-centered.  My focus is on providing for and taking care of someone else. He helping me be other-centered in the rest of my life, too.  

2.  He forces me to have a work-life balance.  Previously, I was working 60-70 hours/week because a) I loved my job, and b) Not much else mattered to me at the time.  Terrible, but true!  Now I have a valid reason leave the office.

3.  He helps me seize the day.  There's no sleeping away the day at mi casa!  My 6 am wake-up call is non-negotiable.

4.  I get a hug every morning and every night.  It's an amazing feeling to go to bed feeling loved and wake up feeling loved.  When I pick him up from his crate every morning, he is so so happy to be in my arms. 

Ready to go exploring!
5. I don't have to impress him.  Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on.  He loves me just the same.

6. He makes me instantly approachable.  I've never walked down the street and met so many strangers in my entire life.  Who needs when you have a wingman like Bentley?

7. He is the perfect social buffer.  Bentley instantly diffuses any awkwardness.  He is the perfect sidekick and partner in crime during sticky situations.  

8. He helps establish the "friend zone."  You can't pull any funny business when I have an energetic puppy on my lap.  Friends, right?

9. He encourages me to explore.  When I lived in London and NYC I would often go off on 4-8 mile long walks, exploring the city with just myself and a map.  It was great, but photos were the only way to share those adventures with people.  Now I have the perfect companion to explore my new city with.

10. He shares in my passion for cute running shoes.  Nikes are his favorite.  Apparently they have the best taste.

Dylan & Bentley

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