10 Must-See Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2015

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1. Color blocking with piping.  This was one of the first swimwear trends out of the gate this season.  Still going strong!  I don't expect to see it next year, however, so participate now if you like it.  Check them out at VS here, F21 here, and RoseWe here.  The rosewe.com one is so fun.

2. Crochet. This trend is perfect for skinny minnies who don't need much support.  It's more of a poolside trend, not recommended for boogie boarding.  Love these at F21 here and Topshop here.

3. High necklines.  Prevent a sun-damaged, paper-bag-skin chest when you're older.  I think this looks especially elegant when your hair is worn up so your neck and shoulders are defined.  Great options at F21 here and VS here.

4. Midi-Top.  This is a cross between a bikini and a tankini. This is a great style if you feel like you have a long torso or want a little more coverage or support than a typical bikini top, but you're not ready to retire your bikinis.  Love this one at VS here.

5. High-waisted bottoms.  By far the most difficult trend to pull off.  If you don't have supermodel genetics you can still rock this look, but try going for a solid color and not a busy pattern. That will be most flattering.  Check them out at VS here or one at Urban Outfitters here.

6. Unique back details.  Forget about full-frontal cleavage.... this season is all about an eye-catching back!  Multiple straps, unique crisscrossing, and cut outs are key!  Cool ones at F21 here and here and one at Urban Outfitters here.

7. Ruffle butts.  Ruffled bottoms are everywhere-- H&M has tons of options here.  Sometimes the entire back is ruffled, but usually there will be one ruffle along the waistband.  Flatter booty? This will look great on you.  It will accentuate the curve of your booty and hips.   Pear shaped?  You may want to avoid this style.

8. Little florals.  Have you seen Jessie James Decker's line of swimsuits? Obsessed.   Check them out here.  She hit the nail on the head with this trend. H&M has tons of floral bikinis too. I just bought this one this one at H&M.

9. Low-cut back one pieces.  Last year the trend for one pieces was cut-outs.  This year it's low-cut backs. Go for a higher-cut leg to elongate your figure.  They're super cute with shorts or a high-waisted skirt worn over.  Cute options at F21 here, VS hereand PacSun here.

10. One-shoulder strap.   Make sure to try the top on before you buy it.  One-shoulder strap swimsuits must fit perfectly or else your boobs will appear lop-sided and uneven.  Not cute.  VS has a great one piece here and H&M has my favorite here.  

Happy Summer!


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