5 Quick Tips for Wearing a High Neckline

11:04:00 PM

I love high necklines.  They're elegant, yet sexy.  Here are 5 tips for doing this trend justice.

1.  If either a) you're neck isn't ballerina-long or b) you have a larger bust, wear your hair up off your neck.  This will keep you looking more proportionate and defined.

2. A high neckline can become instantly trashy with an extreme cropped hemline or excessive side-boob.  Keep it classy and subtle.

3. Skip a necklace with a high neckline.  It can overwhelm your look.  Opt for arm candy instead.

4. Wear a heel or wedge to create longer lines.  A high neckline can sometimes make you look short or blocky.  A little added height helps.

5.  Work those triceps.  High necklines place a direct focus on your arms, especially the upper arm.  Yes, our fabulous upper arms.


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