Day 3: Whole30 and Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Workout

12:23:00 AM

Owie.  Sitting down and standing up is brutal. It's like my legs and booty are covered in bruises.  Any movement or touch sends out a ripple effect of pain.   The real damage from Day 1 is finally hitting me.

What did I eat today?  Kiwi (my new staple), Canteloupe, Chicken Lettuce Wraps ~1500 calories

What did I want today?  Twizzlers.  Family size bag, please.

What was today's workout?  30 Minutes of Kayla Itsine's Arms & Abs (Push ups, Medicine ball squat & press, Lay down push ups, Tricep dips, Mountain climbers, Ab bikes, Sit ups with twist, Straight leg sit ups).  It's worse than it sounds.

How do I feel?   Humbled.   When I was struggling through the push ups I realized I used to be way stronger than I am now.  I'm more motivated than ever to not stop this momentum of strength training after these 40 days are up.  Also, I'm not fatigued, and I'm not hungry.  No complaints!

Tomorrow is my Friday!  And LISS day!  Cheers to both!

PS. In case you missed my "Before" post click here and my day 1 post click here.


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