35 Small Yet Meaningful Ways to Take Care of Your Significant Other

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I never used to like feeling "taken care of."  It made me feel like a burden.  But my perspective has shifted as I've realized the rewarding side of taking care of someone.  Oftentimes it's more rewarding to give than it is to receive.  So in allowing someone to care for you, you're giving them a gift, too.  You're making them feel important and needed.  You're adding to their sense of purpose.  You're making them feel like a good partner.   Taking care of someone is easy if your heart is in the right place.  It's all about the little, thoughtful things.  It's about showing them you know what they need.  It's about making their life just a smidge easier.  Here are some small yet meaningful ways to care for your partner.

1.  Wash their car or fill it up with gas. 

2. Iron their clothes for the next day.

3. Pick up more toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, detergent, etc. when you see the supply getting low.

4. Last one to leave the house?  Make the bed.  Wipe down the counters.

5.  Leave a surprise love note under their windshield wipers. 

6. Get them a warm towel from the drier when they shower.

7. Take out the trash when it's getting full.

8. Bring them coffee in the morning, and memorize just how they like it.

9. Stressful week at work?  Bring home or make them their favorite dinner. 

10. Hide a candy bar or note in their purse or briefcase when they go off to work.

11. Compliment them on something that people don't often acknowledge, like their work ethic or conscientiousness.

12.  Get them a small surprise to show your support for their interest/passion.  Do they like running?  Bring home some new running socks or shorts.  Do they like photography?  Get them a pretty frame.  Do they like baking?  Bring home ingredients for a new recipe they pinned on Pinterest.  

Put crisp, clean sheets on the bed.

14.  Friday night?  Bring home a Redbox movie and their favorite drink, popcorn, or candy.

15.  Put a glass of water on their bedside table.

16. Encourage alone time or pampering when you know they need it.   

17.  Send them articles, songs, or Youtube videos throughout the day that they'll like.

18. On your way home text, "Can I pick anything up for you on the way home?" 

19.   Is rain on the forecast?  Send an umbrella with them.

20.  Offer to drive if they're stressed out. 

21. Offer to drive if they're stressed out. 

20.  Do they burn easily?  Remember to bring sunscreen on trips, hikes, etc.

21.  Do they seem cold or stand-offish?  A kiss on the forehead or cheek goes a long way.

22.  Set the table with the nice dishes and candles for a sit down meal.

23.  Send them an email once a day just because...

24.  Remember the movie preview they were excited about and take them to see it.

25. Do they have a favorite shirt or piece of clothing?  Get them another one in a different color.

26. Do they seem tense?  Give them a massage. 

27. Get to know their friends and family, and step outside of your comfort zone.

28.  Put a love note or Starbucks gift card in their wallet. 

29. Play their favorite songs on a road trip or when relaxing at home. 

30.  Record their TV favorite show if they're going to miss it.

31. Are they looking for something like a new job, a piece of furniture or a new piece technology?  Send them links to possibilities. 

32. Do their dishes. 

33. Bring home library books that you think they might enjoy.

34. Start their car on a cold morning. 

35.  Drive them to work (or to the mall :)) on a stormy or snowy day.


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