5 Reasons To NOT Buy Faux Leather Boots

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How often do you read footwear material labels?  Shopping is an investment, and labels will tell you the quality of the "stock" you're buying.  Most of us see "leather upper, manmade lining" and call it good.  But that's not enough.  Leather lining is the key to a long-lasting investment.   Here are 5 reasons to invest in all-leather boots and booties!  

1. Faux leather boots stink.  Man-made materials plus foot sweat is a recipe for room-clearing odor. Forget about taking your shoes off at someone's house.  You better leave those things outside the front door.  Leather uppers and leather linings are worth the extra money.

2.  Quality leather doesn't fall apart like soggy cereal.   Faux leather boots simply don't hold up in the rain and snow. The glue and man-made materials deteriorate from the constant wet/dry, hot/cold cycling.

3.  Cheap boots means cheap connections.  Even when the hardware and buckles are metal their connection to the boot is going to break at some point.  Quality leather boots are simply more trustworthy. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

4.  Buying boots is like buying new tires.  Don't skimp and buy the cheapest set.  Saving money now will cost you more in the long run. Wouldn't you rather spend an extra $50 for real leather that will last 5x longer?  You can either buy a new pair of cheap $50 boots every year or spend $100 on a quality leather pair that will last you 5+ years!

5. Cheap looks cheap.  There is nothing worse than cognac brown faux leather.... or should I say oompa-loompa-orange faux leather.   I've never seen any brand get the cognac brown quite right.  In general fake leather screams "fake leather."

** Click here for a great assortment of all-leather boots at Zappos (double check description that it has leather lining).  

** And for a GREAT DEAL click here for all-leather boots on sale at 6pm.com (again, double check description for leather lining). 

Up next... "Cuff Em or Stuff Em"... how to know if you should tuck your pants/jeans into your boots OR cuff them at your ankle!

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