Big Announcement... I'm Moving!

2:47:00 PM

Why haven't I posted in a while?
Because... I'm moving to San Diego!  My boyfriend, Wes, is getting relocated to Point Loma, and I'll be joining him.  

I'm down to my last two weeks at Zulily in Seattle.  It's been quite the ride.  I love Seattle, but I am so ready for this next adventure.

My close friends and family will tell you that I've always dreamed of living in California.  I dream about having my own palm tree, going for walks on the beach, driving along the PCH, and breathing in that California air.  California makes my soul feel happy and alive.  It always has.  I hoped to move to California after high school.  I was wait-listed at Stanford and ended up on the opposite side of the country at William and Mary in Virginia.  I slowly moved west, first to Las Vegas to work for Zappos and then Seattle to work for Zulily.  

Finally, the time has come.  January 2016! San Diego! It's happening!  While I still need to finalize the job, I'm optimistic and working diligently on some possibilities.   More to come on all of this.  

With Love & Enthusiasm,


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