How to Enjoy a Thanksgiving Alone

11:09:00 AM

I remember the first time I spent a Thanksgiving alone.   I felt a little sad and embarrassed for not having plans.  But sometimes circumstances prevent you from spending Thanksgiving with family, friends or a significant other.   After a few Thanksgivings on my own, I grew to enjoy it.  Rather than feeling sad here are some ways to make Thanksgiving special on your own.   

1. Sleep in as long as your brain wants to.

2. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

3. Make "cozy" your mantra for the day.  Lounge around in your most comfortable clothes.  

4. Make a pancake breakfast just for yourself.

5. Talk to your family on the phone. 

6. Make yourself something special to eat.  It can be whatever you would enjoy.  Dominoes pizza counts.

7. Watch a marathon of holiday movies on the Lifetime Network or Hallmark channel.

8. Volunteer at soup kitchen or homeless shelter.   Or simply take a walk around the city and hand out socks or gloves.

9. Spend quality time with your pet while watching the Westminster Dog Show. 

10. Bake Christmas cookies and freeze them in anticipation of when you will see your family.

11. While you're at it make cookies for your neighbors or landlord.

12. Get outside and be thankful for the world around you.  Go for a walk somewhere you haven't been.

13. Put together your Christmas cards and mail them out. 

14. Assess your 2015 New Year's Resolutions.  We're in the middle of Q4... time to hussle on those! #goals?

15. Put on some festive music and decorate your house for the holidays.

16. Make some DIY Pinterest ornaments.

17 Pre-plan your Black Friday shopping route. 

18. On that note, add things to your online shopping carts for a quick and easy Black Friday check out.

19. Sign up for a 5K Turkey Trot in your local area... if you're feeling ambitious.

20.  Write down all of the things you are thankful for.  Make an effort to send a thank you note to people who might not realize their impact on your life. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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