14 Things You'll See on the Bainbridge Island - Seattle Ferry

3:07:00 PM

I've officially moved out of my apartment in Seattle and will be spending the next week on Bainbridge Island.  My commute to work is no longer a 25 minute walk through downtown, but now a 35 minute ferry ride from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.   Yeah, a ferry like a boat!  My dog, Bentley, and I ride the ferry with the other Bainbridge Island commuters.  This ferry commute has opened my eyes to a different side of Washington.  I think the Pacific Northwest culture is diluted by the number of transplants living and working downtown.  Bainbridge Islanders have their own little culture, seemingly authentic to the "PNW."  I find these distinct cultural nuances so interesting to study.  Here are some "unwritten rules" on the Bainbridge Island commuter ferry.

1. Wear at least one piece of Patagonia or the North Face.

2.  Use carabiner clips wherever possible.

3.  Two words: Fanny pack. 

4.  High rise and relaxed fit are key. 

5.  A backpack is essential.  It's your briefcase, your lunch box, your purse, and your gym bag.

6.  Don't pay for ferry food.  Always come prepared with homemade, unprocessed, organic snacks.

7.  Use the ferry's public restroom for your morning routine. There are often a dozen women shoulder-to-shoulder with hair dryers and tooth brushes.

8.  Trying to get a petition signed?  Bring it on the ferry and solicit signatures from commuters.

9.  Use the commute as a time to practice your instrument.

10.  Fifty degrees is shorts weather, but still wear hiking boots and a parka.

11. Sixty degrees is sandals weather, but keep your socks on.

12.  Take your garbage home with you.  You can compost it at home. 

13. Drive a Subaru, preferably a Subaru Outback.

14.  Raining?  No make up, no problems.

I will miss this ferry commute! Here's to the final week...


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