36 Things I'll Miss About Living in Seattle

8:49:00 PM

1. I'll miss wearing a lot of black and dark colors.  I haven't worn white once since I moved here!

2. I'll miss walking everywhere I go and logging 8+ miles/day.

3. I'll miss taking my dog, Bentley, into every building, store, etc.  This city is so dog friendly.  

4. I'll miss traveling by ferry boat. 

5. I'll miss my floor to ceiling windows. 

6. I'll miss taking my dog on a quick elevator ride to go potty. It was the ultimate convenience. 

7. I'll miss living 100 ft from Starbucks. 

8. I'll miss how easy it was to clean my tiny apartment.

9. I'll miss my rooftop for watching football games, sitting by the fire pit and roasting s'mores, and grilling new Pinterest recipes.  

10. I'll miss watching the city light up at night, building by building.

11. I'll miss falling asleep while watching the Ferris Wheel.

12. I'll miss going up to the top of the Columbia Tower on clear, sunny days.

13. I'll miss letting Bentley run wild through the Sculpture Garden like a kid on Christmas morning.

14. I'll miss taking the water taxi over to Alki to walk on the beach and collect seashells.

15.  I'll miss walking to the Whole Foods by South Lake Union to make salad bar creations.

16.  I'll miss those miles and miles of walks and talks where I learned so much about my favorite person.

17.   I'll miss the hustle and bustle of all of the big corporations downtown.

18. I'll miss the smiles and "hello's" from Bainbridge Island hippies.

19.  I'll miss the easy drive to Canada. 

20. I'll miss the rainy day excuses to wear my Hunter boots.

21. I'll miss the fortune cookie factory in the International District. 

22.  I'll miss Chinese New Year celebrations a just few blocks from home. 

23.  I'll miss watching fisherman catch squid on the pier at night.

24.  I'll miss the peaceful time at Alderbrook Resort, kayaking and relaxing.

25.  I'll miss those special moments watching my parents meet my boyfriend.

26. I'll miss catching up with neighbors on the elevator each morning and night. 

27.  I'll miss my morning commute walking through Pike Place Market as vendors set up, and my evening commute as vendors close shop.   

28.  I'll miss having that routine 30 minute walking commute each way to call my parents and catch up.  

29. I'll miss going on quick day trips to places like Hurricane Ridge, Port Townsend, and Snoqualmie Falls. 

30. I'll miss living in a city that is super passionate about their professional sports teams.  

31. I'll miss the little waterfall garden that was a block from my apartment building. 

32.  I'll miss seeing all of the cute kids that would come to Zulily HQ for photo shoots. 

33.  I'll miss the waterfront view from my desk.

34.  I'll miss the beautiful hanging flower baskets around Pioneer Square in the summer.

35.  I'll miss the beautiful path around Green Lake.

36. I'll miss the view of Mount Rainier on clear days.

Seattle was a great place to live, and I'm so glad I got the downtown experience.  But I'm ready for the next adventure in San Diego with car keys, sunglasses, and maybe some real grass for my dog to pee on.  He's done with the plastic turf.

Love You, Seattle!

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