La Jolla Engagement Picture Fiasco

8:21:00 PM

It started out as a perfect Tuesday afternoon.  We were at La Jolla Cove, one of the most beautiful places in America, for our engagement picture photoshoot.  The heavy rain from the weekend had subsided and the sun was shining on us.  The waves were huge, showcasing their beautiful range of blues and whites, ideal for pictures.  Wesley wore a really sharp plaid shirt, sleeves rolled to perfection, and I wore a long white chiffon pleated dress that faded into pink flowers at the bottom.  We coordinated without looking like we tried to.  Mission accomplished.  The photographer was on time and made us feel really comfortable.  She was so friendly and smiley and easygoing.  Her energy was fantastic.  We started the photoshoot on some rocks down by the water.  Seals were sprinkled all over the beach. The lighting was perfect. There weren't too many people around.  And things were really clicking with us and our photographer.  That lasted 20 minutes.  Then a gigantic wave came crashing over us, totally out of the blue.  Not only did it get us wet, but it submerged our valuables and sucked our photographers belongings out into the ocean.  Yes, it took her purse, wallet, camera bag, lenses, shoes, and even her Macbook laptop.  We all ran towards the water to try to recover her things.  It was like an episode of Baywatch.  Wesley was in the water up to his knees. I was balancing on a rock sticking out of the water.  Lifeguards were yelling at us.  I'll never forget the sight of her reaching into the ocean and pulling out her Macbook, water gushing out of its interior.  I felt so horrible for her.  A couple of beach goers helped us grab random items as they would wash ashore.... a gift card, her shoe, a lens cap, and I wish I could say there was more.  Luckily Wesley found her car keys between some rocks.   After about 40 minutes of playing search squad on the beach we went our separate ways.  My iPhone was completely ruined, but that was so insignificant in comparison.  I've thought about our poor photographer quite often since that evening.  I have no idea if she has insurance or what her situation is, but that was her entire business that got washed into the ocean.  My heart sank for her as I put myself in her shoes. She was one of the nicest people I've met since moving to San Diego and she definitely didn't deserve that.  I want to give her more business in the future. Sending prayers, good vibes, and hope her way.   


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