Spring 2016 Inspiration

2:49:00 PM

I love searching through images, ideas and articles on Pinterest and WeHeartIt.  It's soothing. It's inspiring.  It sparks creativity.  Personally, I use those sites as a sort of vision board.  "Pinning" and "hearting" different images and articles is a great substitute for shopping, as it allows you to surround yourself with things that you love without breaking the bank.   It's aspirational and fills you with positive reminders of things you love, things you want to do, and things you need to hear.  Pinterest, in particular, has been central to my Always Dolled Up marketing strategy.  Each month ~3,014,024 people view my pinned images, and this yields 30% of the traffic to my blog.  Perhaps, a how-to post is in order! Anyways, my Pinterest and WeHeartIt accounts evolve with me as I change, grow, and go through new phases of life.  Here are some of the pins inspiring me right now. Lots of SoCal fashion, wild curls and spring colors.

Happy Pinning and Hearting!

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