Wedding Photos // July 1, 2016 // Minneapolis, MN

1:07:00 PM

Finally, 6 weeks later we got our wedding photos!  I have to be honest, only about 120 of the 700 photos turned out. Our photographer was great, but the company we used, Bellagala, used a separate team to edit and process the photos.  Basically, they took a hacksaw to them and cropped out our shoulders, foreheads, arms, hands, feet and other important details in many of the photos. Yeah, I was mad.  Hopefully they will be able to send us revised photos or at least the raw, unedited images.  Here are the top 15%!   The wedding video is linked at the bottom.


 Here is our wedding video that I put together on iMovie with footage of the entire day.  Check it out!

Mrs. Dylan Jahraus

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