Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21-22

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We are officially in our 6th month of pregnancy!  I can't believe there's now less than 18 weeks left.   Lots has happened in the past two weeks so here's an update!

How's baby boy?

Baby is now 12 inches long and weighs more than 1 lb! He is developing his sense of touch and might be feeling his face or holding the umbilical cord.  Blood is traveling through the umbilical cord at 4 mph... cool!  His skin is now opaque and wrinkly, but it will fill out more as he gains fat.  He's also sprouting eyebrows and possibly hair on his head, and his fingernails are now long enough to cover his fingertips!  On Monday we will get to see him again when we have a fetal echocardiogram to take a closer look at his heart.

Baby is kicking up a storm!  I can feel him throughout the day now, especially at night time, and Wes can feel him daily, too.  I finally have felt the "rolling" motion of his little body rotating around along with the short kicks and punches that we have felt for a few weeks.

How's mom?

I've been having a hard time these past two weeks.   My husband and I were in Vancouver for 8 days, and it was a really great vacation together.  But it also involved a lot more exercise and walking than I've done so far this pregnancy. While we were there I had a bit of a scare with bleeding for 4 days or so.  It was such a horrible feeling, especially after our miscarriage, but our doctor didn't seem too concerned and told me to take it easy and take a break from exercising.

My legs are now not only scary-looking with bulging and spreading veins, but now they hurt.  I am on my feet all day for my business so by the end of the day it feels like I have marbles pushing through my veins.... such a gross visual, I know.  Luckily we just ordered thigh-high compression stockings and they've been amazing!  They're like Spanx for your legs.

My stomach has officially "popped" (check out the progression below). It is tight and hard like a basketball.  I definitely had to go pants-shopping before our trip to Vancouver.  The maternity jeans all had a saggy crotch and my old jeans were basically denim sausage casing. I ended up purchasing non-maternity jeans one size up from my normal size from a brand called "Wanna Betta Butt?" at Marshalls.  Yes, someone actually created a brand called "Wanna Betta Butt?".  And they were only $19.99 so that's a plus.

Weight gain is now ranging from 10-15 lbs, up from my previous 8 lb gain two weeks ago.  It fluctuates a lot from day to day based on water retention and swelling.  I've been trying to eat a healthy diet with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables.  My latest indulgence is Dairy Queen ice cream cones.  I would highly recommend ordering a size large vanilla cone from Dairy Queen.  You will not be disappointed.  They are massive!

Overall these past two weeks have been challenging. As the pregnancy progresses and our schedule gets busier it's increasingly taxing on my body to keep up with my online business. Every day I have a pretty high quota for production and shipping to keep up with demand.  It's been hard to find time to walk the dog, make a phone call, or buy groceries.  These next two weeks will involve my mom and sister visiting for three days and then we will fly to Tennessee for five days for a wedding so I'll be working in overdrive to get ahead.  I know I could take a break, but I put a lot of pressure on myself to hit specific business goals before baby comes.  I'm still enjoying the pregnancy and I'm grateful for my business, but my goal for the next couple of weeks is to find a better balance and slow down.  It would be good for all of us. :)

Mama Dylan 

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