Pregnancy Update: Week 23 and Week 24

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We are 6 months pregnant with only 7-8 more updates to share before baby boy arrives.  He is going to be here before we know it!

How's baby?
We recently had an echocardiogram and a regular OB appointment and baby boy is doing great!  The radiologist said his heart checked out perfectly-- YAY! She also told us he was measuring about 1.5 weeks ahead of where he should be so we're happy about that.  He is already over 2 lbs and will be gaining 0.5 lbs every 7-8 days now.  Yikes!  I was 9 lbs 14 oz so I'm hoping we don't have a 10 lb baby brewing in there.

Baby boy is now the size of a cantaloupe!  His lungs are developing further and he is gaining fat rapidly.  He can hear our voices, my breathing, and he might even get startled if he hears a loud sudden noise. 

I can definitely feel him getting a lot stronger.  His kicks and punches and rotations are more pronounced than ever.  I can even see his movements from the outside of my stomach.  He is most active at night and when I sit down.

Baby boy is now "viable" which means he would have a "reasonable chance" of survival if born this early.  While that would horrible if he came this early the "viability point" does ease my mind a tiny bit. 

How's mom?
BIG.  That's how I feel right now, haha.  Apparently my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball so that explains why I've totally "popped" these past 3 weeks.

Weight gain is still in the 10-15 lbs range depending on what I've eaten the day before and how much water I'm retaining.

No real cravings anymore! My appetite has slowed down, too.  I think my stomach has a harder time expanding.  It's kind of nice not to feel so ravenous.

We ordered more compression stockings!  I wear them all day and within 10 minutes of taking them off my legs are throbbing. Now I just need to figure out how to make these hideous tall stockings work for the summer.  Help!

We met with the OB again and she advised me to limit physical activity for 2 weeks and to work sitting down instead of on my feet (due to the recent bleeding and vein issues).

Last weekend my mom and sister came to visit us in San Diego! They are so sweet and made it a relaxing weekend.  My sister has the best sense of humor.  As I was driving us around San Diego she turned to me, looked down at my stomach and then up at my face with wide eyes and said, "So, it's true."  Haha, oh, Colleen.

I'm still working my goal of slowing down and finding a better balance.  We are currently in Tennessee for a wedding this weekend so it's been busy working ahead on the business and fulfillment, but things should slow down soon.  Once we get home we should have a few weeks without travel plans to take a breather.

Mom, Dad, and Baby Canteloupe

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