Pregnancy Weeks 27 and 28: Frosting, Gestational Diabetes and the 3rd Trimester!!!

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It's the third trimester!  It's the final countdown and baby boy will be here before we know it. 

How's baby: Baby boy is measuring around 3 lbs and 16 inches tall.  My pregnancy app, Ovia, says he is the size of an eggplant... I feel like they're running out of fruit and vegetable ideas. Baby is blinking, sensing darkness and light, and his eyes can even produce tears right now.  He is also practicing breathing-- amazing! He has all of his brain cells right now, but his brain will increase in weight by 400-500% between now and birth.  He is fully formed but continues to put on the finishing touches of growth and development in this final 12 weeks. 

Total weight gain:  145 lbs (a total of 15 lbs gained).  The doctor said I should gain about 1 lb per week from now until the end.

Sleep:   I can feel the weight of my belly pushing on me and creating awkward pressure, so it's challenging to get comfortable.

Belly button in or out:  It's pretty much flat/nonexistent.  

Maternity clothes:  I debated getting a maternity swimsuit since we are currently on our way to a resort in Scottsdale, AZ, but I decided I'm going to try to rock my bikinis.... let's hope they still fit.

Food cravings: Red grapes, pears, and string cheese!  

Food aversions:  Vegetables... what's new?

New symptoms:

  • Lack of movement for 2 days--  Last week I felt like baby boy didn't move for 2 days or so.  I was pretty worried.  When I called the doctor she told me to consume a cold sugary drink and to lay down to see if he would start moving.  Well, we don't keep sugary drinks around this house so I cracked open a tub of Betty Crocker frosting and went to town on it. I washed it down with ice water and within 20 minutes I felt a glorious baby kick.  Thank God. 
  • Gestational Diabetes-- The morning after my frosting-binge I failed my 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes.  Shocker, right? I had to get under 140 mm/dL (milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood plasma) and I was at 144.  I talked to the doctor and instead of doing the follow up 3-hour test where they draw your blood four times, yes FOUR times, help me Lord, she is letting me do the finger-prick tests at home for 3-days in a row every 2 weeks from here on.  Or I should say that Wes will be doing the finger-prick tests on me (husband of the year award, anyone?).  The doctor also asked me to cut back on carbs... this should be fun.
  • Anemia-- The blood test also showed that I am a bit anemic so I have to start taking iron pills.  It means I'm not producing enough red blood cells to support the increased blood volume. It's probably what's causing the shortness of breath and the recent "I feel like I'm dying" complaints to Wes. 
  • Braxton Hicks--I got one! Woohoo!  I also realized that they've been happening in the mornings for a little while now.  They're not painful, it just feels like a lot of pressure and my tummy gets rock hard all the way around.
Exercise:  We're getting better at this!  We have consistently been walking 1-2 miles each night.  We also do some Bradley Method class exercises like squats, pelvic rocking, and butterflies. 

Best moments of weeks 27-28: 

1. Last week we went up to LA and got to visit my cousin and now we are off to Scottsdale, AZ for some R&R.  It's been really nice taking advantage of this time together where it's so easy to pick up and go.   I love road trips with my husband.  

2.  We've arrived in the 3rd trimester!  I'm so happy and I thank God every day that He has kept all of us healthy.  It finally feels like we are in the home stretch. 

3. Learning how to tell what position baby is in-- we learned this in our weekly Bradley Method Natural Childbirth class and our Dr. confirmed our guess.  He's facing head down with his legs kicking my upper right side.  Now let's hope he stays like this so we don't have to have a C-section.

What I'm looking forward to: 

Starting now we will have Dr. appointments every other week and then in the final 4 weeks it will increase to every week.  I love having the constant reassurance that everything looks good.  

I'm also very excited for the next 2 months of family, friends, and travel.  Later this month we will go to Minnesota for my friend's bridal shower.  Then we will be back in Minnesota for the McCann Family 4th of July (it's a blast).  Soon after my husband's parents will visit us in San Diego and then my cousin and her daughter from the Netherlands will visit, too!  I feel like the time is going to fly by.

Mama Dylan

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