Pregnancy Weeks 29 and 30: C-Sections, Baby Hiccups and Traveling

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We are officially in the last 8-10 weeks of this pregnancy, so only 4-5 blog updates left!  Ahhhhh!

How's baby: We had a 30 week ultrasound and baby boy is still measuring big at 3 lbs 9 oz! My pregnancy app, Ovia, says he is the size of a motorcycle helmet.  Say what!????  Our doctor said he is especially long and that he would be gaining 1 oz every day.  She also mentioned that she would like to discuss C-section options if he hasn't been born by 37-38 weeks.   Uh oh.   Baby is now using his brain and fat to regulate his body temperature, so he can shed the soft lanugo hairs covering his body.  His bone marrow has also taken over complete production of his red blood cells--- a great milestone!

Total weight gain:  145 lbs (a total of 15 lbs gained).... no weight gain this past two weeks, probably due to my sugar/candy cutback. 

Sleep:  It's rather inconsistent since I'm up 4-5 times each night to use the bathroom, but it helps that I've been so exhausted lately!

Belly button in or out:  Mostly out.

Maternity clothes:  I don't really want to buy any more maternity clothes.  If things get really bad I'll just start wearing my husband's Large Tall clothes.  Although we do have a maternity photo shoot coming up so I might have to check out the Asos maternity dresses before that. 

Food cravings: Peanut butter, beef jerky and pink Starbursts (Target sells a limited edition "All Pink" bag!)

Food aversions:  None!


  • Gestational Diabetes-- I failed the 1 hour glucose test and I Wes had to do 3 days of finger-pricking me at home to test the glucose levels 1 hour after meals.  Well, I failed one of those tests so now Wes has to do 7 days of finger-pricking me after every meal and after those results she will make the final call on whether or not I have gestational diabetes.   Maybe I should cool it on those pink Starbursts.  What would I do without my husband!? 
  • Back pain-- We recently took flights from San Diego --> Chicago --> Minneapolis and let's just say that I'm going to try to avoid flying this late in future pregnancies.  We have 3 more flights to go (including 1 today), so we're almost through the last of our travel before he comes. 
  • Charlie horses-- Such a fun way to wake up at night...
Exercise:  We try to walk 1-2 miles each evening and sometimes I bounce on an exercise ball while I work.

Best moments of weeks 28-30: 

1. Our trip to Scottsdale was AMAZING!  I definitely want to go back there while we are still stationed on the west coast.  It was the most relaxing trip filled with lounging by the pool, sleeping in, HGTV, shopping and delicious food.  

2.  Baby hiccups!!! This has happened a few times so far, but it's so cute to feel the little guy hiccuping in my tummy.  It usually lasts for a minute or so.   Wes and my mom could feel it from the outside, too. 

3. A prenatal massage!  When we were back in Minnesota for my friend's bridal shower I took her to a spa for massages and I got a prenatal massage.  It was really interesting because the massage table was inclined with several different pillow molds to cradle the baby bump.  The masseuse also said she sensed the baby was a boy from the very start of the massage.  It was much needed after the long flight to Minnesota.

What I'm looking forward to: 
1. Our baby shower is next weekend!  My family has been so gracious to host this for our little boy.  I'm excited to see everyone and soak up their new mama advice. 

2. Installing our carseat, pre-registering at the hospital, hanging blackout curtains in our room, and packing our hospital bags.  Those are a few of the big things we will be doing in the next two weeks.   I'm feeling the nesting urge and can't wait to start on the final preparations.

Mama Dylan

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