Pregnancy Update Week 31, Week 32, Week 33, AND Week 34: Are We Ready!?

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We are getting close to 9 months of pregnancy with just over 5 weeks to go!  The countdown is on, the nesting is in full force, and final preparations are being made. 

What's new with baby boy?

Baby boy is measuring 5 lbs 9 oz and he's as big as a basketball hoop!  He is head down, booty up, and his legs are in a piked position on my right side.   He hiccups almost every day, he likes to dance when mom drinks cold water, and he seems to think its fun to keep mom up all night. His lungs are finishing their development, but at the last appointment our doctor told us that it is fine if he comes any time now.  Holy buckets!  Time to pack the hospital bag!

What's new with mom and dad?

The past month has been filled with two trips to Minnesota and one trip to LA with a lot of late nights working in between.  Busy is an understatement.  We went to Minnesota one weekend for my friend's bridal shower and to take her out for a day of pampering.  Then we went back to Minnesota the following weekend for our 1st wedding anniversary celebration, my baby shower, and the annual McCann family 4th of July.  

Speaking of the baby shower... it was SO MUCH FUN (see the pictures below)! I feel so incredibly blessed that my family came together to plan this shower for our little boy.  There were beautiful decorations, amazing food, and fun games.  We received so many adorable, thoughtful gifts and great advice that I will hold close to my heart.  Baby boy is already so loved and I feel really encouraged after spending time with family and friends.

Last weekend we had our maternity photo shoot!  Our photographer, Dani, from Fig & Rose, also shot our engagement pictures at La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores.   We met Dani at WindanSea Beach for our maternity pictures and she did a phenomenal job (post coming soon!).  It's hard to feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I'm so glad we captured this pivotal time in our marriage as we start our family.  As we were posing, looking out at the Pacific ocean with Wes's arms around me I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude with this life and this man God has blessed me with.  Sometimes I can't believe it's real life.  

We've had a couple of doctor's appointments this past month and we have good news!  We had been testing my blood sugar daily for about 9 days and my numbers PASSED!  The doctor has ruled out gestational diabetes, but she wants me to continue with the diet changes I've made just to be safe.  That was really reassuring.  The doctor also said she's still concerned about his size but she won't recommend a C-section or other interventions until we have an ultrasound at 38 weeks.  Thank goodness.  

Symptoms are pretty "textbook" 3rd trimester.... braxton hicks contractions almost every night, lots of cramping and sharp pains, and weight gain (19 lbs gained at 149 lbs).  I've been working really long hours on my business in preparation for a self-imposed maternity leave, so by the end of the day it's hard to even stand up to shower.  I usually end up sitting on the floor of the tub while I shower.  Let's be honest though, standing in general is exhausting.  Luckily the "nesting" urge (sometimes) outweighs the exhaustion.  I've been trying to reorganize every closet, cupboard, drawer, and shelf and get rid of trash and clutter.   Since we are in a 1 bedroom apartment for baby's first 6 months we have to get creative with space... real creative.  I should take some pics of our set up!

What's coming up?

Tomorrow is my husband's 29th birthday and his parents (from Hawaii) are coming into town for a visit!  So right now the cleaning team I hired is buzzing around our apartment helping me... yes, I had to.  I highly recommend hiring professional cleaners once in a while, especially if you're pregnant. Worth every penny.  Later next week we will be seeing my cousin and her daughter from the Netherlands, too!  It's going to be so fun to see everyone.  

We have everything ready for baby boy to arrive with just a couple of last items on the to-do list.   His clothes are washed and organized by size, the diapers are stocked, the stroller/crib/rocker/pack-n-play/carseat are assembled, the breast pump is here, and the camera batteries are charged.  We need to fill out the hospital paperwork, attend the final few weeks of our Bradley Method class, and put the carseat and hospital bags in the car.   We are also going to set up his college fund and get our wills updated.  I also think I will keep my shop, Begonia Rose Co, open as long as long as possible since I'd rather take the time off after he's born than before, but we will how things fall into place.  As you can tell, my mind is a rapid-fire to-do list and the biggest challenge might be just slowwwwing down before he's here.

Baby Shower Pictures!


Mama Dylan 

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